Custom Print


We can offer bespoke printing and logo printing on many of our products 


   printed pizza bozx    printed pizza box


Below is a list and information on some of our popular printed products and lines 

For more information and Lead times  please contact our office 


Printed Paper Cups: 


Single wall  

Printed Cups  Printed cups - sport group 


Double wall


 printed xmas cups  printed paper cup  



Ripple Wall :



At Propac we can print on both single wall and double wall paper cups., we are able to 

accommadate both small and large order qty's. Printed cups are designed to ensure your customers

beverages will stand out with an eye - catching product that encourages repeat business. Ideal for

special events and and to stand out from the crowd.


Printed Pizza Boxes



printed pizza box   printed pizza box


Available in single or two colour print design in all sizes .... Minimum order qty of 6,000  ( 60 x 100 ) applies to this product

usually packed in 100's, each pack is delivered sealed in shrink wrap packaging for hygiene purposes.


Printed Napkins : 


Printed Napkins



Available in 2 colours for order qty's as low as 2,000 !

Ideal for special events or to give your business that upmarket feel.


Printed Smoothie Cups and Pint Glasses: 



printed smoothie cups   printed smoothie cups


Available in order qty's as low as 100.

Available in 9oz, 12oz, and 16 oz smoothie cups and also pint and half pint plastic glasses.


Printed Glass Pint and Half Pint Glasses :


printed pint glass


Printed Polystyrene Cups  :


Printed polystyrene cups   Printed polystyrene cup


Available in all sizes and ... a minimum order applies to this products

Please ring the office for more information






Paper Soup Containers :


Printed / Engraved Champagne  Glasses :


Printed / Engraved  Wine Glasses :


Printed / Engraved Shot Glasses :


Printed Plastic Salad Boxes : 


Printed Plastic Carrier Bags : 


Printed Paper Bags : 


Printed Paper Handled bags :